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FDA Alert: Nexgard and Bravecto


September 23, 2018

1. What is this new FDA alert about Nexgard and Bravecto fleas & tick products?

The FDA has recently issued an alert to pet owners and veterinarians that there is the potential for adverse neurologic events in dogs and cats when treated with these products which are in the isoxazoline class. Two other products in this class include Simparica and Credelio (which we don’t sell.)

2. Has there been a recall of these products?

No. This is an informational alert. The FDA claims that these products can and have been safely used in the majority of dogs and cats

3. Dr. Finkler, are you switching your dog off of Nexgard?

No. Like millions of other dogs, he tolerates Nexgard just fine. He’s been on it 2 years.

4. How common are these “neurologic adverse events”?

Rare. Our Merial drug rep (maker of Nexgard) told us the incidence of neurologic adverse events is approximately 1 pet in 50,000 regarding Nexgard. If a pet is going to react, it’s almost always after the first dose; it is not a cumulative problem.

5. What exactly is a “neurologic adverse event”?

The following have been reported: muscle tremors, ataxia (“staggering”) and even seizures in some pets. These tend to be temporary reactions, not permanent, and not fatal. If you suspect your pet has had such a reaction, please contact us.

6. Why do these adverse events occur?

We don’t know. As with all medications, there are a few individuals who simply cannot tolerate the medication. These are considered to be idiosyncratic, unpredictable reactions. I suspect there is a genetic reason for this intolerance.

7. What other flea/tick products do you recommend?

If you wish to switch, the two products I recommend for flea & tick control are the Seresto collar and Frontline Gold. Beware of “natural” or “organic” products sold over-the-counter – these are either not effective or not safe.

8. If I’m not comfortable using Nexgard or Bravecto, what can I do?

If you purchased Nexgard or Bravecto from us, we will either refund your money on any unused product, or issue you a credit – it’s your choice. If you purchased these products at an on-line pharmacy, you will need to contact them.